Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm still here, more or less

So I got this note from a friend on Timesuck Facebook wondering about the status of this blog. Yeah, I've been wondering about that too.

She asks "Where is Zenmomma's Garden...and do I need a parachute to connect since said hijackery?"

Damn! A parachute, I knew I forgot something.

She goes on to say "Mary, be kind to's Friday after a lonnnnnnng care giving week :) :)"

I'll try to blog, but I'm not sure I can be very funny.

The honest truth is that my words (and sense of humor) seem to be stuck in my head and buried in my soul lately. I get that way sometimes, especially at his time of year. But I'll dig deep and dig out. Promise! Afterall there's only so much time a person can spend watching reality tv. Even me.

So in the spirit of senseless blogging content, here's a random picture I've been saving on my desktop just waiting for the right moment.

Now see THAT makes me happy.

So does having friends who miss me when I'm gone.


Cap'n Franko said...

And I'm SOOOOOO glad you are!

KIM said...

Hi Mary!

I'm so relieved that you're blog hasn't been taken over all matter of alien Zen!

As January would have it, I'm only out here pestering my blog buddies because I can't seem to sting two sentences together for the sake and sanctity of my own pitiful blog.

Hibernation is calling me...deep, deeper, spiraling depths of nature's contemplative calling.