Sunday, January 25, 2009

In only SIX easy steps!

Want help explaining unschooling to your friends or family? Qacei wrote this little book back when she was 9 (and her name was still spelled Casey.) She uses the word homeschooling, but it's an unschooling primer for sure.

How to be a Homeschooler in Six Easy Steps
Step 1: Get one of your parents to quit his or her job to stay home.
Step 2: Ask your Mom or Dad if he or she can try teaching you at home for a day.

Step 3: If your Mom or Dad liked teaching you at home ask if he or she can do it again, but this time only do the subjects you like.
Step 4: Ask to do it again. But this time ask to do it with no subjects at all.
Step 5: Now find some homeschooler friends and have fun playing with them.
Step 6: Great! Now you're a homeschooler. Go have fun playing with your friends. Do whatever you want to.

The End

Sandra Dodd has had the text of Qacei's book on her site for years (Thanks Sandra!), but I FINALLY got it scanned in and wanted to put the whole book up here-- adorable pictures, cute 9 year old's handwriting and amazing unschooler wisdom.

Please note that this nine year old who ends her book "Do what ever you want to" chose to spend her time writing a book. She used the dictionary to look up some spellings (a new idea for her at the time) and even had illustrations. In an unschooling family, "Do whatever you want to" is when the learning happens.


Beachbum said...

Too, too cool. Thanks for scanning and posting!

Hey, how did the flooring go at the Cafe?

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

That's great! What a wonderful book to have and keep and look back on. Thanks for sharing it by scanning.

kelli said...

Wonderful, just wonderful. Love it :)

Sissie said...

Oh! I love it!
It truly is quite easy when you take all the fret and worry out of the equation.

carelia said...

that is SO cool. :)

Dia said...

this is adorable!!
My kids went to a private alternative school & we did some homeschooling.

I go to 'playschool' with my youngest grand daugher (4) a couple of times a month. Love the blend of play, play & more play! Favorite image - one of the boys in a velvet dress, running a toy car around in the paint & asking me to play along with him (he wasn't too interested in running the wheels over the tabletop paper . . . just in the paint pan) Play, play, play some more; cleaning chart & picking up; story time, then upstairs to play some MORE . . .
My other grandkids (3 & 5) are home with their mom, who is trying to decide about homeschooling :) will send her a link to your blog :)

Snavleys said...

Oh my gosh, you need to make several copies and sell them at the conference! I would buy a few!

Cid said...

love it!! all the "answers" in a simple format...anyone could follow these steps and unschool :)

Andrea said...

I am having a great evening just reading through your blog, but this one takes the cake! I am going to show it to my 2 kids (7 and 8) tomorrow morning! It is AWESOME!

Oh, and the Feb. Funk is alive and kickin' in VT, I hope to kick it soon. Chocolate and wine!