Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Non-Con Halloween

Non-Con 2008 was another sweet gathering of unschooling joy. I was pouting and whiny a little sad that not everyone could make it, despite my desperate attempts at bribery and threats. But I got over it. We started out on Halloween with some trick-or-treating and general hanging out silliness.

Frank created some Crab Mousse Armadillo Road Kill just for the occasion.

I told Ronnie that she should have had a name tag that said "Hello my name is Valerie." Then her costume could have been Snakes on a Plame.

Chloe, MJ and Qacei had fun roaming the downtown as characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

My imaginary friend brought her imaginary kids over for some trick-or-treating.

Hunter S. Thompson was ready to party.

My pumpkin stayed true to the season.

And of course there was CANDY!

In our next episode, The Non-Con Potluck, complete with music, dancing and an unexpected visitor!


balloonatikmama said...

We have been checking daily for this post!! Awesome group photo! Fergus couldn't find Frank without help though. Fergus wants to know if anyone took off their costumes while they were trick or treating - he did. Nice you caught Carolyn drinking, true to form even on the road! We sure did miss you and look forward (in a sort of gruesome "we want to feel worse" kind of way) to more posts, more pics, more stories, and a repeat performance when it will actually work for us to join in!
All sorts of smooches and love to you all, gillian & co.

FLO said...

That is NOT Tim Booth in your group photo!?!!!! It's cool either way!

Craig said...

HE looks a little jaundice - what did you feed him? And didn't his mommy ever tell him to take his hat off inside the house?

Peggy Sez.. said...

I am SOOOO totally taken *swoon* with Mr Thompson. Thank goddess I'm a happily married woman..;p