Thursday, October 16, 2008

Choose or lose

Palin as President Updated daily until November 4th.

Or if that's too frightening, j
oin the Silly Party at Michael Palin for President.

And don't forget Halloween!


Linda said...

I could be Sarah Palin. Well enough that it's been an inspiration for me continuing to grow my bangs out. And step up my efforts to wear contacts again. Any maybe dye my hair blue again.

♥ Michael Palin ♥

Janet said...

I have blue streaks in my hair for Halloween! Woohoo!

Did you see the John Cleese video? Too funny!!!

Alison said...

I HAVE to check this out - my kids have just discovered Monty Python and can't get enough of British humor!

mesmith said...

Happy anniversary (woo hoo!!!) and good luck with the M.Palin vote but... more urgently... where is the unschooled tim booth post!?!?!?!