Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Those Wedding Bells Are Ringing For That Old Gang of Mine

It was a long drive and a whirlwind weekend. We had to cross the border into Canada and once again hope the US would let us back in when we were done. We drove up a craggy mountain logging road to celebrate life and love with family and friends. We wouldn't have missed it for the world. My favorite nephew married his one and only in a beautiful ceremony in an open air yurt in the mountains and we were there.

13 snapshots from my nephew's wedding in Bumfuq Nelson, Canada

1. Waiting for the ceremony to begin.

2. Who says you can't wear black to a wedding?

3. Leyna and Erik, the main event.

4. Mom of the groom, the lovely Donna.

5. Erik and his dad, my brother Rick.

6. The old married folks.

7. The new married folks.

8. Oops! Qacei hits the deck while attempting a tricky group photo.

9. Liz & Story rockin' the reception.

10. Wendy & Sean doing god knows what.

11. Conor the Magnificent, apparently finishing up his magic act.

12. Can you say Myspace? Oh yeah.

13. FLASH! Perfect photographic synchronicity with my niece, Hannah.

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Sassy Mama Bear said...

Sounds like an absolute wonderful wedding location, we have considered building a yurt when we build our house.
Love the pics great TT...
Hope you'll stop by my T13a @ The Cafe at the END of the Universe & The Library at the END of the Universe.
~Penelope Anne

Penta said...

ahhh Nelson! The Kootenays are a place of the middle of ...ummm nowhere! But it is a place that surely you would have at the very least fit 2nd glances at pink mohawks, etc, right? It is a place filled with US draft dodgers, and lots of hippies, and lots of interesting musical folk...lots of laid back people, no? That was a very LOOONGGGG road trip though!

Linda said...

What fun. I have to say, Qacei is SO CUTE. And gosh you look nice. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen you in a dress before! ;)

mesmith said...

No one up here can mention Bumf, er, Nelson without some sort of glowing report of its beauty. And just how many times did the locals remind you that it was where “Roxanne” was filmed? Not only is the area ripe with draft dodging Americans but also the history of Doukhobors and their nudity in protest against being forced into schools… but that’s a separate story. Perhaps you scouted out some property and cafĂ© opportunities in case November 4th goes horribly pear shaped?

MJ Awesomeness said...

Dear Lord, that picture of Jon (number 12) is beyond hilarious. I lol'ed.

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had a great time! so glad to see it, and can't wait to hear about it! sorry we had to miss today. qacei looks like she should always have a mohawk! she rocks it ;)