Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Laundry Day

Don't I look cute when I do the laundry?

Then it's packing day. Then it's ROAD TRIP DAY! Which means of course, that (at last count) it's only 3 days, 4 hours, 25 minutes, 17 seconds until I see James in concert. But who's counting?

We are all getting pretty excited for our road trip.

Jon is joining us as far as San Francisco. He'll go to that concert with me and then head back home. The kids and I will continue south to LA for the second concert. I just checked and that concert is SOLD OUT! Amazing. The Gospel of James is bringing salvation!

Speaking of which, I have a couple of willing converts down in San Diego and I'm really excited for that bit of the trip. My friends Ginger and Jeff have invited us to stay at their house while we're in town. Ginger and another friend, Flo, will be going to the San Diego concert with me. Girls Night Out!

Our final concert in Anaheim is also James' final US date. It's definitely going to be the best one.It's got to be, I promised Craig I would have absolutely NO fun without him at any other concert. No Flat Craig in Anaheim. He'll be there full size.

Rocking out with my obsessive James counterpart.


Except, maybe now we'll need a Flat Diana?


K. said...

Well, my favorite little groupie, I know you're going to have an amazing time! I can't wait to hear every detail. Give San Francisco a big wet sloppy kiss from me.

justhay said...

I LOVE your new layout in here.

Have a brilliant time, the roadtrip sounds as exciting as the concerts!

mesmith said...

this surface may seem calm enough but underneath, underneath