Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Great Schlep, a post in 3 part harmony

Part 1
If you've got a
bubbe in Florida, you won't want to miss Sara Silverman's plea for your participation in The Great Schlep. (If you don't know what a bubbe is, or you're easily offended by Sara's incredibly non-PC approach to humor life, then this is probably not the clip for you. Move on to Part 2.) Personally I don't have a bubbe (and I'm not terribly PC), but I had a bubbe-in-law for many years, so Sara's plea is making some sense to me. Luckily my current Florida relations, both sides, are already voting Obama. That's 4 votes. How many do we need again to get that red state to turn blue? Oy! That's a lot of bubbes.

Part 2
The Great Thursday Morning Ass Schlep in which I took my dog for a long, hard walk, on a beautiful trail, in the morning air and now I feel great. So it's got me thinking that I may finally, possibly start doing something for Mrs G's 5k ass program like I said I would, even though I really didn't know that I said I would.

Seriously, I just thought I was encouraging Mrs.G, but now my link is on her sidebar as a participant, so I kind of feel obligated. But I don't do obligation very well. But walking makes me feel really good, and it's good for me, so I shouldn't let some perceived obligation get in my way, right?

What was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, walking. Why don't I do this everyday? It clears the cobwebs, facilitates the oxygen intake, makes the dog really happy and provides me time to think. (That's not even considering the obvious ass health benefits.) So what I'm thinking is that I want to set a really attainable goal of doing this extended walk at least 3 times a week. I'm saying it here and putting it in the sidebar in the hopes of keeping myself focused on the goal and honest in my attempt. Feel free to kick my ass encourage me it if it looks like I'm slacking off.

Disclaimer: Even though I'm right there in spirit with Mrs. G, there will be no pictures of my ass on the web. Ever. You're welcome.

Part 3
The Great California Schlep in which I pack up the family and head south for the much anticipated James concert concerts. (
Did I mention that I'm now going to 4? The opening band, Unkle Bob, emailed ME and asked if I wanted free tickets to any more shows. Um, yeah, sure. San Diego here I come! )

it's almost here, Kenya believe it? Where did summer go? I know I saw it here just a minute ago. Then I turn around for one minute and it's gone. It seems like September just flew through my mind like a breeze. Maybe that's because I've been looking forward especially hard this year.

Anticipation is a funny thing. There's a kind of
yin and yang to the whole experience this time around. The good part is that I have time to think and plan. (Unlike my last James road trip where I just jumped in the car and drove through the night.) The bad part of course is that I have time to think and plan. This means I've had time to evaluate the sanity of said plan.

I've had a few What Am I Crazy?! moments. Like yesterday when Qacei and I were going over our budget for the trip. We've actually done really well in that department and I've got it covered for the most part. And don't think I missed the whole Learning in Real Life, aka unschooling, benefit that goes into the planning of such an escapade. But this is what sent a mild gasp throughout the room.

Yup. That's our Google map of directions and destinations. Don't get me wrong, it's going to be a kick-ass, mind blowing, amazingly awesome experience. But we sure do have a lot of highway miles on there.
And there's this...

It's s little unsettling to see the round trip driving time all put together like that. One and a half days in the car. Make that 1 day and 18 hours if we hit traffic. But I shouldn't worry. I mean we're driving to LA, what are the chances we'll hit traffic? Right?

Of course that's a small price to pay to see my boys in concert. Again. And again. And again. And again. WooHoo!

So get ready, it's almost here.

Coming soon to a blog near you.

Want to be a part of the tour? Email me at zenmomma (at) comast (dot) net if it looks like I'll be heading anywhere near you and you'd like to meet up for coffee, chit chat and the latest James update. I'd love to say hi
. Plus I've got a great CD to play for you.


Jeff said...

Y'all have a place to stay in San Diego if you need one - we're about a half hour north of the city. Free room and board!

mesmith said...

Well, you're sure to save $$ on gas since with your damn luck you'll be traveling with the band in their bus for those four final US dates. But I think you also need to "break from your life, due south down to Mexico"... for the finale. You know... if you were a REAL fan. Ha.

Deanne said...

I'm sure you'll have a great time. We've only been home for a week since we did a similar drive up and down the east coast (although we didn't make it all the way up to Maine :O ), and it was so fun - even without amazing concerts to see along the way. Enjoy!

Valerie said...

I love your blog, My friend Kat turned me on to you. I will follow you from now on. Valerie

Beachbum said...

I second Jeff's invite!

FLO said...

Let me know if you need another room. We've got a queen bed to spare and lots of floor space for an air mattress. If you want to take that hike I mentioned up Torrey Pines, I'd be happy to document the evidence for Mrs G. :)