Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Because laughter and chocolate make life a little sweeter

My friend is feeling down. She experienced a loss this week. Knowing that chocolate helps everything, even if only in a small way, she sent her husband on a mission for the ultimate brownie. He settled for an 'Oh My God' brownie from Sunnyside Up. Not that one of those could ever really be considered "settling." It's a pretty religious experience as far as baked goods go. But my friend wanted needed more. He told us she wanted a "Jesus H. Christ on a Pogo stick Brownie." That's a brownie that has everything in it, including Jesus H. Christ on a Pogo stick. Because that's what a week like this deserves.

I sometimes wonder what other people do for fun. You know, "normal" people. Qacei and I, never accused of being normal, of course took this offhand request and decided to create this bit of heaven on a plate for our friend.

We decided to wing it as far as a plan goes. We started with your basic frosted brownie and threw as much stuff in it as we could find enhanced the recipe from there. Those are marshmallows and m&m's on top. There are also m&m's and HUGE chocolate chips mixed in.

Qacei melted some chocolate and hand-dipped whatever we could find strawberries, marshmallows, mini chocolate chip cookies and almonds. We almost made chocolate dipped chocolate but decided to save that for next time. There was a chocolate dipped m&m. It never made it out of the kitchen.

The brownies were then frosted and decorated with 2 kinds of sprinkles, all of the chocolate dipped goodies plus more marshmallows and m&m's.

And of course the crowning touch, Jesus H. Christ on a Razor Scooter. We couldn't find a pogostick, but I think we came pretty close to her original request. We delivered our creation to much laughter and that of course was the goal.

Footnote: Mormon missionaries came to the door while we were visiting. I couldn't resist offering them a Jesus H.Christ on a Razor Scooter Brownie. The first young man asked if the H. stood for "Holy." I looked at Qacei and said..."sure!" So he took one. The other young man looked like I was offering him a big old helping of damnation and hellfire on a plate and politely refused. We all wondered then if the first guy actually ate his brownie? It would be sad to think he could let such a thing of beauty go to waste.


mesmith said...

i nearly hacked up a lung - that is TOO funny.

Sissie said...

I am in chocolate coma.
Thank you so much.
Let me know when we can make Apple Brown Buddha, Pagan Popsicles, and Marshmallow Muhammads.

K. said...

You guys completely rock. Not that this is news to me, of course, but it's still nice to see such undeniable proof. In chocolate. Blasphemous chocolate. It's my new favorite.

Biddy said...

dude! you are awesome...

btw, i got fired...i could totally use some chocolate dipped chocolate ;-)

FLO said...


Those Mormons will see to it that you are barred from entering the pearly gates. :)

Juliet said...

Wow.......This is a moment in mormon history......a missionary refused dessert. Wait 'til I tell all my friends in the singles ward! :-)

Ren said...

All I have to say is OMFG!

Jeebuz for sure. YOu're all like Viv from Chocolat only waaayyy more fun and quirky.

Sandra Dodd said...

-=-All I have to say is OMFG!-=-

Ren, I hope that "F" stands for Family-Friendly!!

The scooter is cool. I wonder if he could jet-ski it over water? (If he wanted to, probably so. To impress Mormon missionaries, who wouldn't!?)

hi_missy said...

I loved this story, and wish I could live nearby so I could come meet you all, and eat brownies, which I adore, although I prefer my brownies unadorned and untainted. "Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick" has always been my favorite line from my favorite Dead Milkmen song. "Zoomin' Jesus on a razor scooter" would definitely enhance the bliss that is the brownie experience.