Friday, April 27, 2007

Post Conference Glow

Where to start? It was an amazing, soul filling, mind expanding, joyful, peaceful, magical love fest. That's what the LIFE is Good Conference was for me. And from the feedback I've received, that's what it was for others as well. One of the girls who works for us at the cafe said, "You didn't host a conference, you threw a rave!" I guess from the stories I told her about kids staying up all night, draped over one another in puddles of friendship plus the dancing and games and energy and music and hugs, hugs hugs....well she's right. Only it was a rave with a purpose. And we didn't need any drugs to feel the love. We have our own internal ecstasy. I've received so many thank yous in the past week, but I truly feel like I'm the one who should be thankful. I was given such an opportunity and I am still amazed that I was able to find it within myself to make my dream a reality. I am blessed with so many loving and wonderful friends. I am inspired and encircled by my unschooling tribe. I am exactly where I need to be. Which reminds me that I'm also thankful that Amy Steinberg is coming to Portland for sure and maybe even to little old Sunnyside Up to perform in May! Peace, love, free!

I have very few pictures of the weekend really. I didn't personally take a single one, but Jon managed to snap a few when he wasn't running around helping me with something. Fortunately there's Flickr. I started a group for our conference and the pictures are already starting to add up. It brings a smile to see those beautiful faces again and to feel the joy as a physical body memory. I'm also glad I'm not the only blogger. So if you can't get enough LIFE is Good, check out the ramblings of some my tribe...Joni, Diana, Beth, Mandy and Crystal .

Here, in no particular order, are a few other outstanding memories that happened to be captured in pixels.
The teen panel rocked! What a great group of intelligent, thoughtful, inspiring people. And I just love that Neebin was comfortable enough to go up there in full makeup.Spontaneous duck, duck, goose at the pajama party.Jon and Mary dancing?! It was a rave! They must have been playing "I'll Melt With You."Laurel and Sophie's amazing tap dance.Glaven love!!!!Diana shining brightly, when she wasn't appearing to pass illegal drugs to innocent conference goers. Ask her about that story. Pee in your pants funny!Gillian's balloons. What a trouper!Martelyn doing their thing.Qacei and Beka finally getting to perform the dance they've been working on for four months! It was awesome.The Coordinator of Cool working the Talent Show.Patrick, MJ, Conor (and many more) hanging out at the evening's activity.DDR in the game room.Fun in the funshops.
Talent show, talent show, talent show....

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