Sunday, August 07, 2011

A Stitch in Time

Michaelangelo is quoted as saying "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." That's the thought that popped into my head when I saw this vintage dress that our friend Kat had gifted to Qacei.

Awesome, but slightly...dated, no?

While not a block of stone, it was also not something that Qacei would wear in its current incarnation. Vintage is cool and all, but a girl's gonna wear only what a girl's gonna wear. And let's face it, what girl wants to dress like she's stepped out of the pages of her dad's bar mitzvah?

I will probably get grief from both Jon and Qacei for this picture.
It's totally worth it.

But the bones of this dress were good. Who doesn't love purple polka dots? And there was a whole lot of cute hiding under all that fabric. I could just see it. So I set to work. Armed with only a pair of scissors and $5 worth of ribbon and tulle from JoAnne's, I set to work.

The result? In only hours we had so much cute it puts cute to shame.

Check out the adorable sandals.

The girl is stylin'!

And now, this little restyled dress is cute enough to wear to the prom with Duckie.

Isn't she pretty in polka dots?

Monday, August 01, 2011

Kind of Random

Our latest press release that probably won't make it to print.


Business owner takes controversial stand in defense of kindness, declares August to be Random Act of Kindness Month.

Sunnyside Up Café is giving away 1,000 lattes in celebration of kindness. Aware that some people are strongly opposed to the concept of kindness and even in the concept of themed months, Sunnyside Up is determined to not let this controversy stop them from taking a stand for what is right and for what is good in this world.

Speaking with owner Jon Gold about the controversy, he said, “There are those who believe that kindness is a finite resource. We respect their right to believe that but we feel that kindness should be shared. It has been medically proven that hoarding kindness can lead to low spirits, apathy and general curmudgeonlyness.”

“While many people equate kindness with charity, it is proven that kindness often doesn’t cost a thing. For example, let someone go ahead of you in line at the ATM or grocery store, park father away so someone else can have the closer parking spot, hold the door open for someone behind you, fold over the end of the tape on itself so it doesn’t stick to the roll, return a shopping cart to the corral even if it wasn’t your cart, help someone across the street, have more patience for the DMV clerk, refill the ice cube tray before it’s empty.”

Working in conjunction with several businesses in downtown Corvallis, Sunnyside Up will be handing out 1,000 Random Act of Kindness cards which entitle the bearer to a free latte, mocha or chai. The recipient of the card may redeem the card, or in the spirit of things, may pass it on to someone else.

Participating businesses include Peak Sports, Sibling Revelry, Mod Pod, Gracewinds Music, Block 15, Robnett’s Hardware, Stoker’s VitaWorld, Many Hands Trading and Golden Crane.

Share the latte, share the love!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Better Than I Think

"When people ask me how I am these days, I say, 'Better than I think,' because it's good to notice that my life is pretty great, even if my mind isn't." ~ from Imperfect Birds by Anne Lamott

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Poetry in Action

Every year that I go to the Oregon Country Fair it brings a different experience. Sometimes I want to do some people watching. Sometimes I'm ready to party. And some years I go with a purpose.

This year felt different again as I seem to have moved into a post-shock-and extreme-depression-but-not-sure-what-comes-next phase of my life. And so I went to the fair to spend time with Qacei more than to experience it myself this year.

Girls Gone Fair.

The weather was perfect and the people were colorful, extravagant and wonderful as usual. But for some reason I felt out of place. And I couldn't help feeling like I was a part of someone else's fetish at some points. Hard to describe and not something I've felt there before. I think it has a lot more to say about my own state of mind than anything else.

But there was something special waiting for me anyway. The fair brings its own magic and this year didn't disappoint. Because it was at the fair that I became poetry and poetry lived just for me.

The Poem Store. What an original and amazing idea.

As I tried and tried to think of a silly subject to give as the focus of my purchased poem, the beautiful poet suggested I just go with something that's been on my mind lately. So I told her my mom had just died and I was sad, but I was also so happy to be at the fair with my beautiful daughter.

At once her fingers flew across the keys. The words were flowing out of her heart and onto the paper. She stopped only when she was finished, a mere 3 minutes after she started. This is what she gave me.

I have never received anything so beautiful.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Prom Photos Ever

Story and Qacei heading off to the Alt-Prom.